Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why I think I "get it"

I can think of nothing more intoxicating than to be in love with a woman.   And, there is nothing more frustrating than being in love with a woman.  Even the kindest, most caring and thoughtful women still possess an innate ability to torment the men they love.  They can’t help it.  They are women.  I know they don’t necessarily want to do it, but they’re women.  If you love them and want them in your life with the least amount of emotional trauma, then read on.

I grew up with all women.  Having a father that understood women is the one thing that saved me.  Even though I had a father, I feel justified in saying that I grew up with all women because he was always at work. My dad taught me a lot in the time we did have.  But his advice and insight when it came to women was without question the most valuable thing he ever gave me.  It allowed me to start on a journey with the proper perspective to allow me to observe and survive.

I had sisters and cousins who took care of me.  As I grew older, the younger of my two older sisters took me with her everywhere.  So, when I was in 8th grade, I was hanging out with all the popular senior girls.  They taught me ….uhhhh….a lot.  Aside from the actual interaction with them, just letting me be the proverbial fly on the wall clued me in to a lot.

To me, there is nothing more fascinating than womens’ minds.  I say with all the love and respect in my being:  Women don’t possess what most men think of as logic.  Women are emotional beings and you have to constantly keep that in mind when you are dealing with them.  I’ve heard so many guys say, why can’t women think like guys?  Really?  Would they really want that?

As men, we are biologically attracted to women’s bodies.  Testosterone and just the whole scheme of things are responsible for that.  The key your sanity is to understand how they think and learn to appreciate it.  It isn’t easy.  It could involve things as horrible as watching Oprah.

Oprah came to mind because my wife and daughter are watching Oprah’s Favorite Things as I am writing this.  I keep all firearms and sharp objects somewhere else when situations like this arise.  This is actually a very good example of what I am talking about.  There was a whole discussion about what we wanted to watch when Whitny’s (the daughter) best friend, Chas, texted her, letting her know Oprah’s Favorite Christmas Things was coming on.  So, Gail (the wife) and Whitny quickly changed the channel and I ceased to exist.  But, not really… even though I was not part of the decision making process, subconsciously, they knew I was still there.  I knew it because they were making fun of it and saying things to indicate that they just had to watch it in order to goof on it.   That lasted about 5 minutes.  As soon as they got into it and Oprah started coming up with things they liked, I really did cease to exist.  

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