Saturday, January 15, 2011


Abbott Pharmaceuticals give away from the 60s

Amazingly enough, I was actually looking for this.  Just the other day Whitny and I were going through all the stuff in the room over my workshop, looking for something.  Its a room that serves absolutely no purpose but to house all the things that I could never bring myself to throw away.  This is an icky little rubbery thing about 2 inches long.  It says Abbott on the back and I believe it was a give away from Abbott pharmaceuticals.  I got it from my dentist when I was about 7.  Dr. Lau always had a box of toys to choose from when you were done and this little guy just fascinated me.  He told me it was what bacteria looks like and if I didn't brush properly, I would have millions of these in my mouth.  Fair enough.  I have always wondered what the "E" stood for.  After all these years, the best part was when I actually found it in a box of old toys.  When Whit saw it, she screamed, thinking it was a dead rodent of some sort, despite the green color and the obvious fact that it is rubber.

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