Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gail and Runt

This is Gail with Runt.  I had a cat named Mabel that we saved from a farm near where Gail lived.   I think we were about 18 at the time.  Soon, it was obvious that Mabel was with kitten(s).  She was only a kitten herself and didn't survive the pregnancy, so we kept all seven kitten with us all the time and had to bottle feed them.  We ended up only keeping Pudge and Checker and Porky.  Porky got out one night and well...then we just had the two.  Pudge lived for over 20 years.  She was a great cat.  One time I saw her with a pigeon in her mouth and I was just shocked, because we have always been able to discourage that in our cats and Pudge was especially good about it.  As it turned out, the Mr. Pigeon had a mishap and Pudge was bringing him to me.  She was carrying him in a way that she didn't even leave a tooth mark and she laid him at my feet.  Yes, the pigeon was rehabilitated and released.

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