Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just a busy day

Well, sorry, I don't have anything visual for you today.  But, its because of what happened today that caused me to just run out of time.  But, I will make up for it tomorrow.  The day started out taking Whitny to drop off her Mini Cooper at the dealership.  Several things happened there.  BTW, I really dislike Mini Cooper dealerships.  They are essentially BMW dealerships.  You can't work on them yourself because they have all their own tooling.  Just to rotate her tires and align the thing...$400.00.  The explanation?  because they can only be aligned on their particular alignment machinery.  But, on the bright side, they had a really cool original Mini which Whit and I photographed and I got a great idea for a coffee table.  Mine will look considerably different from theirs, but just the idea of using an engine block as the base...I like it.  I have a 1930 Marmon engine I found in the forest at the Yosemite place.  Actually, I found most of the car, but, a horrible accident and 7 decades of laying in the forest has taken its toll on pretty much everything but the engine...not like it would ever run again, but it would lend itself to an artistic endeavor.  I also found an International stake bed which really only has the block left...but I have plans for that now as well.

More importantly, after we left the Mini dealer, we went camera shopping.  Gail has a new laptop and I got a Nikon D3100.  We also spent a lot of time talking to a guy at the local camera shop who is still into 35mm and he gave us all kinds of ideas.  So, if anyone is reading this, in the next day or so, there will be much more detail and in the weeks and months to come...maybe some really interesting stuff.  I also found my postcard collection, so we're going to start scanning them on a new website for people to use as clipart, or whatever they want.  It's a pretty substantial collection that covers most of the 20th century. So, just some things to come.

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