Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Deceptive Death Awaiting

I found this picture as I am trying to make some sense out of the mountain of slides and prints we have.  I mentioned him in another post.  My friend Paul and I got a little too close to his harem.  Paul is just out of frame here.  This dude weighed 700 lbs if he weighed an ounce.  When he came sliding out of the surf and started heaving his blubber at us, we ran...I mean, WE RAN!!!  Somewhere I think I have a shot of Paul's pant leg in his mouth and that grill looked a lot like a really big, unpleasant dog with 3" canines.  Thinking about it now, I'm not sure how I managed to grab this photo.  This fellow really wanted to do us harm.  Loathe though am to admit this...after the first significant adrenaline rush, we both thought we had discovered a fun new game.  It was:  "Let's see if we can run in hiking boots across 50 yards of beach  to escape this brute who was really quite adept at it"  The subtext was:  "Let's not think about what might happen if he actually catches us."  The bottom line was, I'm glad we both survived, but I feel bad that we were so stupid and actually kind of thoughtless concerning how Mr. Bull felt about the whole thing.

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